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Voyetra was founded in 1975 by Carmine J. Bonanno, an industry expert and pioneer in music synthesis and PC multimedia sound technology. From 1975-79, as Octave Electronics, Inc., the company designed, manufactured and marketed analog music synthesizers, competing with Moog and ARP, the industry leaders at that time. In 1979, Octave merged with Plateau Electronics, a leading NY-based synthesizer repair facility. The company was renamed Octave-Plateau Electronics, Inc. In addition to manufacturing music synthesizers, Octave-Plateau became a well-known synthesizer repair facility, servicing professional musicians and recording studios in the New York City metropolitan area.

In 1982, Octave-Plateau released the Voyetra Eight, a revolutionary polyphonic synthesizer that introduced the concept of controlling multiple synthesizer modules with a master keyboard. Many of the concepts incorporated in the Voyetra Eight were later adopted by other synthesizer manufacturers. The Voyetra Eight also pioneered the revolutionary concept of a master keyboard controller with a serial data interface linking synthesizer modules, which was later popularized by the MIDI interface standard.

In 1984, the company helped establish the music software industry by developing Sequencer Plus, the world's first professional PC MIDI software. With over one million copies shipped worldwide, Sequencer Plus was one of the most popular DOS music programs of all time.

In 1986, in response to intense competition from Japanese synthesizer manufacturers, the company altered its focus from synthesizer hardware to MIDI software. At that time, the company also changed its named to Voyetra Technologies to better identify it with the success of its Voyetra Eight synthesizer.

Today, Voyetra has a full line of innovative software for learning music, creating music, and controlling MIDI and Digital Audio on personal computers. Voyetra is also a leading supplier of PC music and audio software to multimedia hardware manufacturers around the world. In fact, Voyetra software is found on nearly every multimedia PC sold.

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