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MX-S100 Sequencer

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MX-S100 Sequencer

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MX-S100 Sequencer

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Multivox MX-S100 Sequencer

owner: The New England Synthesizer Museum, David Hillel Wilson, Curator

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"Hey, what do you know? I actually have the schematics for this thing. With all the pretty controls and lights, you might be fooled in to thinking that this gadget is a synthesizer. The truth is, it doesn't make any sound at all! No VCOs, VCFs, VCAs, ADSRs, etc. All it is is a sequencer. Similar in many ways to the famous Oberheim DS-2 and DS-2a sequencers, this device can store up to 4 (short) sequences as entered from its built-in keyboard. Of course, there is a switch that lets you use it as one big sequencer rather than 4 little ones. It has two outputs; one for Exponential (Volts/Oct) synths, and one for Linear (Hz/Volt) synths. (If you can read the panel, you'll notice that it says Linear for Octaves/Volt; This refers to the sequencer output rather than the synthesizer; you must drive a linear synthesizer with the exponential output and an exponential synthesizer with linear output, thus achieving the all important exponentiation exactly once).

"This thing does about the same thing as a MIDI sequencer does today, only it has a comparably small memory which forgets everything when the power is shut off. If you have a MIDI-CV box then you don't really need this piece. It really is a museum piece, offering little if any advantage over a portable computer and MIDI-CV box."------ Dave Wilson

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