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Museum : Rocky Mount Instruments (RMI) Room : Series 400 Electra Piano and Harpsichord

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Series 400 Electra Piano and Harpsichord

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. Manufacturer:
Rocky Mount Instruments, Inc.

Series 400 Electra Piano and Harpsichord
400A, 468, 800A

Production period:

Quantity produced:

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The 400 series Electra Piano and Harpsichord
The 400 series piano was basically a 300 series with its own built in amplification system. There were two models manufactured, along with a few prototypes. All models were produced in a walnut veneer cabinet with a high quality finish. The top was painted in a pebble effect, black finish. The sides were made of cast aluminum.

In addition to the regular 300 series stops, the 400 series had two additional stops, Wah and Reverb.

  • The 400A
    This was the first model manufactured. It was introduced in early 1970 and was manufactured through 1971, when it was replaced by the model 468. All the units were manufactured at the Macungie facility. The tone generation system was identical to the 300B series instruments. The amplification system consisted of a bass speaker, two mid range, and a tweeter. The unit also contained a 50-watt amplifier, with an external input provision. The retail price on the instrument was $1495.

  • The 468
    The 468 was the second, and last, model produced in this series. Its tone generation system was identical to the model 368, and its amplification system was identical to the model 400A It was introduced in 1972 and produced through 1974. The retail price of the instrument was $1595. All the units were produced at the Macungie facility.

  • The 800A
    There was a prototype model made using the above model designation. This unit was basically a model 600B in a model 400A case. The top was made higher to accommodate the additional tone generator. This instrument was manufactured in 1970.

[written by Tom Emerick, Allen Organ Company]

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