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- a A Memorymoog ad courtesy of Benjamin Ward, and the Moog Sanctuary (a memory moog in disguise)

Famous Fingers
Who played this instrument?

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above photo from a Memorymoog ad courtesy of Kevin Lightner

Basically (as much as the Memorymoog can be considered basic) this instrument is 6 Minimoogs in one box that will store 100 programmed patches. Its chief designers were Rich Walborn and Ray Caster of the Norlin-acquired, "Bob Moog"-less Moog Music. Each voice has 3 VCOs, with tuning controls for VCO2 and VCO3. Unlike the Minimoog, the Memorymoog used Curtis 3340 chips as opposed to the Moog oscillators. Each oscillator can be set on pulse, saw, or triangle (or any combination of the three). And, like the Minimoog, the VCO3 can be used as an LFO to modulate the pitch of VCO1 and VCO2. But unlike the Minimoog, VCO2 can be synced to VCO1. Also, unlike the Minimoog, you have a separate LFO that controlls all of the voices. The LFO is switchable between triangle, pulse, positive and negative sine wave, square wave, and sample-and-hold. Each voice also has its own 24dB/octave filter which has variable keyboard tracking, switchable between 1, 1/3, and 2/3. The Memorymoog can also be set on unison mode which makes it a mono synth using all 18 oscillators for one note! In this mode you can switch between lowest, highest and last note priority as well as single or multiple triggering.

[from The A-Z of Analogue Synthesizers, by Peter Forrest, published by Susurreal Publishing, Devon, England, copyright 1994 Peter Forrest]

Famous Fingers
Who Played This Instrument?

Don Airey, Ace of Base, David Bowie - Mysterious Moonlight tour, The Cars, Ann Dudley of Art of Noise, Bronski Beat, Geoff Downes, Electronic Dream Planet (x2), Simon Ellis, Larry Fast, Chris Franke of Tangerine Dream, Alastair Gavin, Billy Gibbon, Jan Hammer, Herbie Hancock, Greg Hawkes of the Cars -had 2 of them on stage during the Heartbeay City tour, Dusty Hill, Inner City, Jamiroquai, Brian Kehew and Roger Manning of The Moog Cookbook, LaBradford, Martin Ley, Mike Lindup of Level 42 - 1983 album "STANDING IN THE LIGHT", Nick Magnus, Mike Manien, Gary Moore while playing with Tom Petty, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Saga, Shamen, Klaus Schulze, Dave Stewart Curtis Williams of Kool and the Gang

[Let us know if you have any further additions to this list.]

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