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ARP Omni-2

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. Manufacturer:

Omni-2 (model 2400)

Production period:

Quantity produced:

- Omni-2 brochure (courtesy of Kevin Lightner)

Famous Fingers
Who played this instrument?

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ARP Omni-2

image courtesy of Kevin Lightner

"The ARP Omni-2 is an improved version of the popular Omni. It features all-electronic switching, single/multiple triggering and a separate bass synthesizer. The Omni-2 is actually three separate instruments in one package - 1) a highly evolved string chorus, 2) polyphonic synthesizer section and 3) separate bass synthesizer. All three sections can be played simultaneously for impressively-rich orchestral effects....The Omni-2 has controls to balance the volume of each section, selectable waveforms and chorus phaser controls. Each section has its own output so that the Omni-2 can be played in stereo or even dramatic 'triphonic.'"----[from ARP's promotional Omni-2 brochure courtesy of Kevin Lightner]

The Omni keyboards are string synthesizers with four separate voices (bass, cello, viola, violin, each independently switchable) and a bass/synthesizer section. The string section has its own variable speed LFO, and attack/release envelopes. The synthesizer section has a VCF and its own ADSR envelope. The bass/synthesizer split is set to the lower one and a half octaves.

The Omni (model 2300) was ARP's best selling intstrument. Unlike the original, the Omni-2 has single triggering so that when any note is held down the VCF and VCA envelopes will not re-trigger. The original Omni had multiple triggering so that every time a key was depressed the envelopes were triggered.

Famous Fingers
Who Played This Instrument?

Roy Ayers, Boston, Darius Brubeck, Cars, Commodores, Adrian Cook of the Electrotunes, Floyd Cramer, Rick Greenwood of Foreigner, Rick Davies of Supertramp - owned two, Earth Wind and Fire, ELO, Joy Division - Closer, Kansas, Al Kooper, Yusef Lateef, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Mushroom of Massive Attack, Santana, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Cat Stevens, Tangerine Dream, Pete Townshend, War, Sparks, Stevie Wonder, Allan Zavod who played with John-Luc Ponty

[Let us know if you have any further additions to this list.]

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